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Spookies is a collection of 8888 unique Ghost NFTs — super mega cute, creative digital collectibles invading the Ethereum blockchain - join us! Get access to members-only benefits such as early minting, airdrops, giveaways and many more!

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is over

The minting was completely random and only 8888 Spookies were minted.

Check our contract on etherscan.io

Online Identity
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Although we are not primarily an avatar project we are glad and happy to see your Spookies as your new profile pic on social media!

Handdrawn with love

Our Art is unique and handdrawn with love in many many work hours.

Most important info

ERC-721 Contract, all private and commercial usage rights given to the holder of the NFT. Secondary sale fees are to pay creators, buy the floor (community vote) & donations to charity.



Minting was done at 0.03 ETH,
all Spookies sold out.


Selecting and implementing community proposals &
Partnerships with other NFT projects.
Legendary Spookies Challenges
Cobwebs currency introduction
Donations to charity


Airdrop of our "Spookies - The Haunted House Edition #1" Comic to all holders
(certain requirements will have to be met, stay tuned for our announcements).

Free canvas prints shipped out to 30 random holders.


Big Halloween surprise!
Launching of our merchandise store, T-Shirts, Stickers.
Creation of our Spookies Boardgame to connect the real world with the digital.
Creation of the Spookies Trading Card Game!
Launching of the Spookies animated Series!

Sneak Peek NFTs

Get some ideas on how our Spookies are gonna look like.
Each Spooky will be unique ... but some are more rare than others. Visit our discord to find a lot more sneak peeks or check our collection on OpenSea!

Sneak peek

Coming soon!


A few days after our launch we created or own currency system: Spookies cobwebs! Cobwebs are NFT banknotes which can be earned by holders every day in our discord channel. These cobwebs can be exchanged to real Spooky NFTs (or to other, even more valuable items!). Exchange rates are still to be determined. Make sure to watch out for announcements in our discord channel!

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